Weekly Releases September 13, 2017

DC Comics Main Line:                               Picks of the week

  • Action Comics #987

    Action #987

    Action Comics #987

  • Batgirl and the Birds of Pray #14
  • Dark Nights: Metal #2
  • Detective Comics #964
  • Flash #30
  • Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #28
  • Justice League of America #14
  • Mister Miracle #2
  • New Super-Man #15
  • Red Hood and The Outlaws #14
  • Suicide Squad #25
  • Supergirl #13
  • Superwoman #14
  • Teen Titans #12
  • Titans #15
  • Wonder Woman #30

Trade Releases:

  • Batman His Greatest Adventures TP – Kelley Puckett
  • DC Universe Rebirth Omnibus Expanded Edition HC – Various
  • Green Lanterns (Rebirth) Vol 3 TP – Sam Humphries
  • Harley Quinn (Rebirth) Vol 3 TP – Amanda Conner
  • Harley Quinn (Rebirth) Deluxe Collection Book 1 HC – Amanda Conner
  • Legends of the Dark Knight Vol 3 HC – Various
  • Superman Reborn (Rebirth) HC – Various
  • Hellblazer Vol 17 TP – Mike Carey


A LOT of great comics releasing this week for DC, but a couple standout from the pack. Wednesday begins the OZ story arc in Action Comics #987, with solicitations teasing the big “Mr. Oz” reveal. As secrets start to unfold, the Rebirth storyline launched last summer is barreling towards it’s endgame with Geoff John’s Doomsday Clock coming out in November. We also have continuations of last months smash hits Dark Nights: Metal & Mister Miracle by Scott Snyder and Tom King respectively, both of which left the comic community craving more after some incredibly shocking twists to launch each series.

Don’t miss these releases! Visit your local comic book shop and pick up these stories! And check back here for reviews of this weeks issues.

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