Character Spotlight: Martian Manhunter

History, Abilities, and Recommendations for the Manhunter from Mars

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Created By: Joseph Samachson & Joe Certa

First Appearance: Detective Comics #225 (November 1955)


  • Superhuman Strength, speed and durability
  • Mass Manipulation, including shapeshifting, invisibility, and intangibility
  • Regenerative healing factor
  • Telekinesis
  • Telepathy
  • Flight
  • Genius-level intellect

The “Heart & Soul” of the Justice League and one of seven original founding members of the legendary team. J’onn J’onzz of Mars, similar to Superman, is the lone survivor of his people and like Superman has almost limitless power and one very specific weakness, fire.


After his mutated twin sought to bring an end to the martian race, J’onn’s family was murdered along with the rest of his people. Driven mad, J’onn was brought to earth by a scientist named Dr. Saul Erdel who helped the Martian regain his sanity. J’onn dedicated his life to the people of earth in an effort to prevent the pain he suffered from ever happen again.

Martian Manhunter is an awesome character who shines the brightest during his time with the Justice League. From Morrison’s JLA to the Justice League Animated series, J’onn has always been a voice of reason and authority to a team made of gods. Unfortunately for Martian Manhunter fans, DC has dropped the ball lately and J’onn is currently MIA through Rebirth. It’s unclear what the future holds for the character but I know I’m not the only one who wants to see our favorite Martian back with the team in some capacity. Bring back the Oreo loving, Manhunter from Mars!

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JLA: The Deluxe Edition, Vol. 1 (Action Oriented Justice League Run)

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