Weekly Releases December 6th 2017

December 6th 2017 Weekly Release from DC Comics

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DC’s Main Line:

Pick of the week

  •  Batman #36
  • Batman White Knight #3
  • Black Lightning: Cold Dead Hands #2
  • Cyborg #19
  • DC Universe Holiday Special 2017 #1
  • Deadman #2
  • Deathstroke #26
  • Green Arrow #35
  • Green Lanterns #36
  • Justice League #34
  • Nightwing #34
  • Superman #36

Trade Releases

Batgirl & the Birds of Prey Vol. 2: Source Code (Rebirth)

Batman & Robin Adventures Vol. 2

Batman Noir: The Court of Owls

Green Arrow Vol. 4: The Rise of Star City (Rebirth) (Green Arrow: DC Universe Rebirth)

Fourth World by Jack Kirby Omnibus

Justice League: The Detroit Era Omnibus

Justice League/Power Rangers (Jla (Justice League of America))

Shazam: A New Beginning 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

Suicide Squad Vol. 7: The Dragon’s Hoard (Ostrander)

Teen Titans Go! Vol. 4: Smells Like Teen Titans Spirit

December 6th marks the start of the Christopher Priest era on Justice League with issue #34. Priest’s run on Deathstroke has been one of the more pleasant surprises to spin out of Rebirth because of his unique storytelling technique and the depth he added to the character, a layer that we didn’t know could exist for Slade. Now Priest has the opportunity to put his mark on DC’s premier title and hopefully bring much-needed excitement to the League.

Also out this week is Jack Kirby’s Fourth World Omnibus. A brand new collected edition of the New God’s tales from the 70’s by the King of comics. Be on the lookout for The Watchtower’s Omnibus Review middle of next week!

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