Character Spotlight: Mera

History, Abilities, and Recommendations for Mera, Queen of Atlantis

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Created By: Jack Miller & Nick Cardy

First Appearance: Aquaman #11 (September 1963)


• Superhuman strength, speed, and durability

• Atlantean aquatic physiology

• Telepathy and mind control of aquatic life

• “Water-bending”

She has been a rebel, a Queen, a wife, and an outcast but throughout it all Mera has been a badass to her core which is why she is this Tuesday’s Character Spotlight. First created as the Queen of Dimension Aqua, which was later retconned to be Xebel, Mera has been a formidable co-star alongside Aquaman for many years and her love for Arthur while still harboring such ferocity is what makes her an extremely compelling character.

DC has no shortage of strong heroines, however Mera stands above them all with regards to her heritage. With the change of Xebel, Mera became a person born of a rebel society, who harbored bad will towards the Atlanteans for their exile, she is split between two worlds, similar to Arthur and his connection between Atlantis and the surface world, however, Mera is haunted by her past and feels she does not belong to either faction.

But what makes Mera so great? Without a doubt what drives Mera as a character is her love for Arthur. She wants Arthur to be the King he needs to be for the Atlanteans but also knows the scarifies he must make for the surface world. The emotion between them is real and a major factor of what has been missed since the New 52 reboot, thankfully things have been corse corrected with Rebirth in 2016.

Mera is a great addition to Aquaman and the DC Universe, and while DC may have plenty of strong female leads not many of them compare to the complexity of Mera. Thankfully DC has realized this and she is finally receiving her first solo series, albeit only a six-issue run, but it’s past time for the Queen of the sea to get her due.

Interested in reading more about Mera? Start here!

Aquaman by Peter David Book One (Classic Auaman & Mera Run)

Brightest Day Omnibus (Xebel Retcon)

Aquaman Vol. 1: The Trench (The New 52) (History Reboot)

Aquaman Vol. 1: The Drowning (Rebirth) (Current Run)

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