Weekly Releases November 22, 2017

New releases from DC for November 22nd.

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DC’s Main Line:

Pick of the week

  • Action Comics #992
  • Batgirl #17
  • Batman Beyond #14
  • Blue Beetle #15
  • The Demon: Hell Is Earth #1
  • Detective Comics #969
  • Doom Patrol #9
  • Doomsday Clock #1
  • Flash #35
  • Harley Quinn #32
  • Hellblazer #16
  • Justice League of America #19
  • Kamandi Challenge #11
  • Nightwing: The New Order #4
  • Suicide Squad #30
  • Teen Titans #14
  • Wonder Woman #35

Trade Releases:

Batman/The Shadow: The Murder Geniuses

Batman: Year Two 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

Challengers of the Unknown by Jack Kirby

Fables: The Deluxe Edition Book Fifteen

Superman: American Alien

Wonder Woman: The Golden Age Vol. 1

Pick of the week for November 22, 2017 is an obvious choice. Doomsday Clock #1 finally releases and we couldn’t be more excited. Avoid spoilers at all costs as we approach Wednesday and check back with The Watchtower on Thursday for our full review!

What are you excited to read? Let us know in the comments below!


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