Batman and Robin Omnibus Review

Review of the newly released Batman and Robin Omnibus by Peter J Tomasi & Patrick Gleason

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I recently was able to pick up the newly released Batman and Robin Omnibus by Peter J Tomasi & Patrick Gleason and I was completely overcome by the quality. Yes, the run is amazing and this creative team is still making amazing stories with Rebirth, but this collection is the pinnacle of quality compared to past omnibuses published by DC Comics.

The first thing I noticed after eagerly unpacking it was the matte-finish and thicker dust-cover on the exterior of the book. It’s sleek to the touch and the color combination of black and yellow with the matte finish makes the logo pop off of the page.

This is a massive step forward from DC’s previous efforts. The dust-covers of the past have always seemed to be a hinderance of no real value, while the Batman and Robin Omnibus has used it for what it’s intended purpose, an eye-catching focal point to sell the book.

Digging deeper into the omnibus, I pulled off the dust-cover to reveal the hardcover shell wondering if DC decided to just rehash the jacket instead of adding an original touch. To my surprise, both the front & back of the book sported a different cover from issues featured in the series, while the spine stayed consistent with its lettering on the jacket. Personally, I love when DC decides to give some flavor to the hardcover underneath, 90% of the time if the book isn’t sitting on the shelf I’m reading it and the jacket is off. As a consumer, I don’t want an uninteresting plain black cover that has been frequently used for past collections. I want something I can admire, especially since an Omnibus is supposed to be the premiere format for collecting a series, it should absolutely feel that way and the Batman and Robin Omnibus certainly does.

The last thing to do was to crack open the book, and there it was, the table of contents. I know what you are thinking, “uhhh, the table of contents?” Yes, the table of contents! I’ve always been frustrated with DC collections in the past, not just omnibuses, because issue numbers are hardly ever listed while you’re reading through the book. While flipping through this book that still holds true, the covers of each issue don’t host the issue numbers, but at least there is a table of contents that I can refer back to! Even though this may not have been an issue to most, it was always a pet peeve of mine that at least this collection has corrected.

To me this is the most complete collection DC has published in recent memory. The quality, the additional content, the small things that make this omnibus feel like the collector’s item that it’s meant to be are all present. I highly recommend getting this book, not only for the fact that this run is one of the highlights of the New 52, but it truly feels like a “prized possession”.

Batman & Robin by Peter J. Tomasi & Patrick Gleason Omnibus (Batman and Robin by Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason)

Have you picked this collection up yet, what do you think? What are some of your favorite omnibus or Deluxe editions available?

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