Countdown To Doomsday Clock

The most important titles to read before Doomsday Clock #1

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Doomsday Clock #1 releases next week, November 22nd 2017! I can’t believe it’s finally here, the culmination of a 2 yearlong story arc unfolding from the events of DC Universe Rebirth #1. All of our answers about Dr. Manhattan and why exactly he has chosen the DCU to experiment with will be answered by the all-star team of Geoff Johns and Gary Frank as this 12 issue maxi-series unfolds over the next year.

While most of us are eager to dive into the story, The Watchtower has decided to establish the officially unofficial “Countdown to Doomsday Clock”. The following stories will help you catch up with the Rebirth mystery before issue #1 hits the stands next Wednesday.

  1. DC Universe Rebirth #1
  2. Superman Reborn
  3. The Button (Batman/The Flash Crossover)
  4. Detective Comics: A Lonely Place of Dying
  5. Action Comics: The OZ Effect

The 5 stories listed will give you the best understanding of the conflict as we know it and while certainly there are important issues sprinkled throughout the DC line, the core mystery has been dealt with within these arcs. Unfortunately while some of these stories have left us with more questions than answers they are still the best possible options to get the best experience out of the lead up to the finale.

Tell us what you think! What do you think the most important series of Rebirth has been? Should there be anything added to our list? Comment Below!


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