What I’d Like To See Happen…

Titles we’d love to see Bendis and Hickman write for DC

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As we patiently wait to hear the announcement of Brian Bendis’s first DC title, or if Jonathan Hickman will indeed write for the publisher, we decided to speculate as to what titles would suit each writer best.



Gotham Central: This is more of generalization since the original series was from Ed Brubaker and Greg Rucka and I don’t know if they get a “say” on how the property is handled. However, a street-level, cop drama focused story would fit into Bendis’s wheelhouse.

Green Arrow: Again, a street level character that indulges in socialistic justice. Green Arrow would be a perfect title for Bendis to show his gravitas to readers and tackle today’s societal issues tactfully within the comic medium.

Nightwing: My favorite thing Bendis wrote for Marvel was without a doubt Ultimate Spider-Man. Bendis wrote Peter and his supporting cast masterfully and brought human drama into the life of a superhero, Nightwing would be a chance for Bendis to rehash that magic but with a twist using Dick Grayson and the batfamily.




Green Lantern: Even though Robert Venditti has done a good job managing Green Lantern after Geoff John’s epic nine-year run on the character, it feels like something has been missing since John’s departure. With all of the cosmic work Hickman infused into Marvel, Green Lantern would be a great spot for him to land to expand the mythos and bring in new ideas that’s not just another light on the emotional spectrum.

Checkmate or Other Spy Agencies: Similar to his work on Shield with Marvel, Checkmate would give Hickman open reign on an organization that hasn’t had much exposure and would let him get creative making Checkmate, or whoever, a larger part of the DCU.

New Gods: This one is a personal preference. I love the characters that Jack Kirby created and while they pop up from time to time in the DCU, I don’t feel like they have a big enough presence in the universe. Give Hickman the freedom for a long form series in order to create something special.


With that being said all of these suggestions are just that, suggestions. Whatever DC decides to put either of these creators on we know they will do an incredible job, and for the case of Hickman we just hope he officially signs a deal soon to bring him in to the DC Universe! Let us know what you think these creators should write down below!

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