The Trial of Mister Miracle

Mister Miracle #4 Review

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Out this week is the latest installment of the smash hit maxi-series, Mister Miracle by Tom King & Mitch Gerads – or is it? I’m not even sure what reality is anymore. Are we experiencing all of this right now, or has Darkseid infected all of us with the Anti-Life Equation? This is the exact struggle that King & Gerads are putting the readers through with this book – and masterfully, I might add- *Spoiler Alert* Did Scott actually die after attempting suicide? Has Darkseid infiltrated Scott’s or Orion’s mind? Is Darkseid still a baby? This series has brought forth a considerable amount of questions but the journey to the answers has been worth the confusion.


In issue #4 Scott is standing trial accused of being a traitor and an “agent of Darkseid” and who better to preside over the trail than the accuser, the current High-Father of New Genesis, Orion. Even for such a simple setting considering the trial’s location being in Scott’s earthly home, this issue features some of my favorite art of the series so far. Gerads does an incredible job laying the foundation of “clues” that inevitably we will look back after issue #12 and say “all of the evidence was right in front of us the entire time!”, even if we are in the dark at the moment.


Not only is the art a strength of this issue, but Tom King’s dialogue during the trail is executed perfectly between Orion and Scott as we see Orion manipulate Scott into his boiling point. As a reader, I’m questioning both sides of the argument, I can see evidence to suggest that something has happened to Orion, but I also can see that something has clearly been wrong with Mister Miracle since the opening page of issue one. This discrepancy between the two pushes the envelope and deepens the mystery.


Probably one of the best thing’s about King’s writing, especially in his work with maxi-series, (see Omega Men, Sherif of Babylon, & The Vision) is the sense of dread at the turn of the story. That dread and feeling of doom was prevalent at the end of this issue Scott’s distance from reality may end up costing him everything or is there something bigger looming? I can’t wait until next month to find out!


Overall this was an excellent issue that drives the mystery forward, it’s only detractor for me was it felt short. However, I’m still not sure if thats just because I don’t want to wait a month for the next installment. Nonetheless, please read this series, it deserves every bit of attention that it gets, the story telling through this medium truly wonderful. I’m giving this issue a 9/10.

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