What To Read Before The League Suits Up November 17th

Stories to read before the League hits the big screen!

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Thats right, Justice League is finally coming to the big screen November 17th, 2017. I honestly can’t believe it, it’s a dream come true to see live action versions of the characters I loved growing up.


Here are some essential League stories to prepare you to save the world this November:


  1. Justice League Vol 1 The New 52 – admittedly, this isn’t the best Justice League story but for all intents and purposes it seems like the movie in November will draw influences from this story arc by Geoff Johns. Despite it’s flaws “Origins”  does lend itself to new readers by establishing the League with a new origin and sets the stage for some epic stories later in the series.
  2. JLA: Rock of Ages – Rock of Ages is, with out a doubt, my favorite Morrison-League story. When Morrison rebooted the League he returned the team to it’s core and created stories with universal threats that required the “Worlds Greatest Superheroes” expertise . Rock of Ages is epic in scope while reaching multiple facets of the DCU. And don’t forget, Darkseid is.
  3. Kingdom Come – My personal favorite Justice League story and possibly favorite DC story ever. This elseworlds tale is about a world where Superman turns his back to humanity as a violent newer generation reigns. Although what sets Kingdom Come apart from the rest is the art by Alex Ross. Ross’s art experesses the emotion of the story in a way that other artists couldn’t fathom.
  4. DC: The New Frontier – A Justice League story set in the Golden Age of Comics by the late great Darwyn Cooke. The New Frontier is an all around entertaining story with a large casts of League members and just like Kingdom Come, it’s an “Elseworld” tale that is inviting to new readers.
  5. JLA: Year One – Spinning out of the rebooted JLA series, this twelve issue mini-series by Mark Waid gives a new spin on the origin of the League through different founding members. Year One calls back to a time when these heroes  beginning their superhero careers and have to come together to face a threat greater than any they faced before.


There have been so many Justice Leagues stories throughout the years it’s hard to narrow it down. This list is just a launching pad for anyone interested in learning about the team before we see them in action November 17th. Leave a comment below telling us what your favorite stories are.

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