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Jack Kirby is a legend in comics, the influence his work holds in the industry is still apparent. While some of his other work garners more attention (New Gods, Thor, Kamandi, Fantastic Four, etc.) OMAC [One Man Army Corps] slides idly under the radar to the general comic reader.


While only an 8 issue run cancelled before the last story arc could be completed OMAC’s story draws the reader in from the first issue and leaves you wanting more upon completion. The concepts Kirby uses in his stories are unparalleled for the time  period even if the dialog may be dated the story is never a chore to read and just like all of Kirby’s work the art is spectacular throughout the series and is reason enough to pick up this story.


So if you are in need of something with a Captain America feel with a Sci-Fi setting OMAC is a wonderful read, especially considering characters from this series are still relevant in the current DCU (Brother Eye anyone?). Although there currently is not a collected edition of these stories available, I would expect that to change with all of the reprinting of Kirby’s work DC has been doing lately. However, if you can’t wait these issues are available on Comixology





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