Green Arrow Turns Down the Justice League

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In the latest issue of Green Arrow, Oliver turned down being offered a membership with the Justice League. After teaming up with all of the JL members, they realize that Green Arrow has proved himself as a hero. They no longer want him to have to handle things on his own, but more importantly they want him to have a say on the team. Oliver turns them down, as he doesn’t believe he is the best team player.


Some may argue that Oliver has often had partners throughout his career to work with such as Black Canary, Roy Harper, Mia Dearden, Connor Hawke, and Emiko Queen, so it doesn’t seem to make much sense that he would turn down the JL. However, while Ollie has had many partners, he often comes into conflict with these partners. Batman comes into conflict with his partners, but not in the same way Green Arrow does. Roy ended up on drugs, Connor Hawke was abandoned as a child, and Oliver even cheated on Dinah at one point. Ollie is often his worst enemy, as he finds himself sabotaging his relationships. It is very much in character that he continues to do so here by turning down the Justice League.


At the same time, Oliver often learns and grows from his mistakes. He previously became the father that Connor needed when he was injured, took a vow of chastity to prove his love to Dinah, as well as recently amended his relationship with Roy. This decision by Ollie to not become a member of the Justice League shows that he is self-aware of his flaws. He explains that he doesn’t work well with teams, but he wants to be a rogue agent for them. While Superman and Wonder Woman seem disappointed that Oliver has turned them down, Barry and Hal explain that this feels right. It will allow Oliver to help the Justice League, while letting him do it on his own terms.


The best part about this issue is the implications of what this means for the future of Green Arrow, as well as the Justice League. Not only can we get stories with Green Arrow handling missions for the Justice League, but the Justice League has tried to get a new member. Since the New 52, the Justice League has felt rather small. This can be a good thing at times; however, it is also limiting. The writers are forced to use the same seven or eight characters on the team. Why not allow the writer of JL to have more freedom with the use of members? Now that the JL have offered one membership, maybe they can begin to offer more and grow.


I am giving this issue a 9 out of 10. Not only does this final issue of this story arc set up a more interesting future for Green Arrow, but it also has bigger implications for the DC universe and the Justice League.


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