Truth, Justice & The American Way

The “Big Blue Boy Scout”, not just an American hero.

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Superman has always been hailed as a symbol of hope in the comic universe, he represents the best of us, what we, as a society, should strive to become. This is absolutely relevant in today’s world. With all of the problems humanity is facing we could use a beacon of hope like Superman, unfortunately not everyone would agree.

With the recent release of Action Comics #987 a particular scene has caused some controversy. Mr. Oz [mysterious figure, whose identity was finally revealed to readers Wednesday in issue #987 after two years of secrets] has activated his agents in an effort to show Superman humanity isn’t worth saving. One of the agents happened to be a middle-aged, blue-collar American worker who’s job had been outsourced to foreigners. As an agent of Oz, the American blames the foreigners for losing everything he has worked for. Superman, being Superman, saves the foreigners and confronts the “disgruntled Joe”.

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 9.02.23 PM

I know what you’re thinking, what is the problem? And the answer is ABSOLUTELY nothing! However, with the political climate that we live in today everyone has an agenda. Fox News published an article [Article link found below] condemning this scene stating “The Man of Steel has now become a propaganda tool for the defenders of illegal aliens.” This statement and article is so off base I had to voice my concern.

First, it was never once said that these people are “Illegal aliens”, even if it may be implied. Second, Superman is a defender of “Man-kind”, he doesn’t ask for your green card before saving your life and finally, the author of this article clearly didn’t read the issue and missed the entire point of the Mr. Oz sleeper agents, instead DC Comics is “Hell-bent on indoctrinating our kids.”

There is so much more in this article that is completely asinine but I digress. Instead of the political blinders that everything is seen through in today’s world, maybe we should all strive to be more like the “Big Blue Boy Scout”

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