And then there was a beginning…

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I love comics; it’s as simple as that. Reading, collecting, and discussing comics has been a major hobby of mine since I was a kid and today is the day I share my interest with the world, and thus…The Watchtower. This blog is being launched by a team of individuals dedicated to creating a resource for anyone who wants a medium for discussion, reviews, recommendations and a multitude of various resources. Although we are starting small, our goal for this site is to become a “go to” source for any comic book readers, new or old, to get their comic fix!

Things to look out for:

  • Weekly reviews on new releases
  • Series Reviews
  • Recommendations
  • Artist Spotlights

The Watchtower will focus on the aforementioned list as the site “gets its legs”, and as it grows, our output of information will grow as well. We hope to bring you quality reviews, interesting viewpoints, & thorough analysis on stories, but most importantly we hope to bring you enjoyment from an incredible hobby that we have all love so much!

Follow us on Twitter @TheWatchtowerCB and make sure to check back here for our upcoming post!


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